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Lydia Ford - Faking It (CD)

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Faking It Tracklist

1. No Rush
2. Sink or Swim
3. Leave the Country
4. Faking It
5. In the Morning
6. Overachiever
7.Good for Me
8. Burning Out
10. Home is a Feeling
Cat: BLOOM010
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sean Walsh
Amazing record!!!

Front to back! What a debut! Amazing work Lydia!

Celine Steinwand
Love it!

The CD is amazing! All the songs are incredible. My personal favourite is Overachiever, which I found really speaks to me, I can just listen to it on repeat! The artwork is really cool and the entire project is outstanding.

Elaine Luong
Great Debut Album

Lydia nails it on the head with her debut album, perfectly describing feelings of young adulthood. You relive all of those emotions with her and remember what it was like trying to figure your life out, and hoping to get to the other side of “adulting.” At the end of the day though, regardless of our age, we’re still all just faking it.